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Mountain Pleasure Horse Association Versatility Program Rules:


The Mountain Pleasure Horse Association has created the Versatility Program to recognize the unique skills and attributes of each horse within this rare breed. The program recognizes the versatility of the Mountain Pleasure Horse as well as the dedication and activity level of the rider/handler. The highest scoring horses and riders/handlers will be recognized for their achievements by the MPHA with the top scoring pair in each division being named the MPHA Versatile Horse & Rider of the Year.


Membership/Registration : Participants must have a current membership with the MPHA for the calendar year in which they enroll.  All horses enrolled in the program must be registered with the MPHA during/prior to the calendar year in which they are enrolled.


General Rules:

1. A participating rider/handler may enroll as many horses as desired with payment of $5.00 per horse.

2. Enrollment is for one rider/handler per horse. For example, Becky enrolls her horse Dixie. But if someone else rides Dixie on a trail ride, Becky could not count that trail ride on Dixie’s activity log for the year. However, a horse’s designated rider/handler may change from year to year.

3. Participants do not have to be the owner of the horse they enroll. A participant may lease or borrow a horse to enroll in the Versatility Program with permission from the owner. In this situation, if the owner also rides or works with the horse during the year, only the participant’s activities with that horse may be included on the Activity Log.

4. Enrollment forms and payment are due to the MPHA by May 1st for the current calendar year.

5. Activity Logs should be returned to the MPHA by January 31st for the previous calendar year.

6. Point values for each activity listed on the Activity Log will be assigned by the MPHA Board of Directors. Any activities in the Other section of the Activity Log will be reviewed by the MPHA Board of Directors after receiving the log and a point value will be assigned.

7. Youth Division is open to riders/handlers under the age of 18 as of January 1st of the year they enroll in the program. Anyone 18 years or above as of January 1st will enroll in the Adult Division.

8.  There is no minimum age for horses enrolled in this program. Young horses not yet under-saddle can participate in groundwork, liberty, demonstrations, or other applicable activities and may be shown in-hand

** See forms and applications ** 

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